Need Medical Care While Boarding Your Dog? 3 Tips For Finding The Right Kennel


Having your dog stay at a boarding kennel can be a bit more of a challenge when they have medical issues that will need to be taken care of. Whether your dog needs supervision due to potential health problems or medical administration, it's important for you to look into choosing a boarding kennel that's going to be a good match for your dog without potential health problems. Look for 24/7 Supervision

16 September 2019

Health Concerns to Consider When Adopting a Long-Haired Cat


Long-haired cats are beautiful and a welcome addition to most homes. However, with the longer fur and genetics come some differences between long-haired and short-haired cats that could impact your cat's health. Here are some common health problems of long-haired cats to look out for and prevention tips to keep them from happening. Gastrointestinal Obstructions Cats with longer fur tend to be more likely to develop hairballs, and therefore gastrointestinal obstructions.

25 October 2018

Tips For Choosing The Right Doggy Day Care


In this day and age, more and more people are choosing to take their dogs to doggy daycare while they are at work. Doggy daycare ensures that a dog gets exercise and interaction with people and other dogs, which many people prefer over having their dogs at home alone. Thus, many doggy day care centers have popped up in cities and towns across the country. If you are interested in doggy daycare for your dog, use the following tips to find the right facility:

18 April 2018

Why It Is Best To Leave Your Pet In A Pet Boarding Facility While You Are On Vacation


Are you planning on taking a vacation in the near future? If you have pets, you will need to start thinking about what you will do with your pets while you are on vacation. Pets such as fish or hamsters can be easily cared for by having a friend stop by once a day to give them a little food. However, you might want to think about taking any cats or dogs that you own to a pet boarding facility.

15 August 2017

Creature Comforts: What Your Dog Wants From A Boarding Experience


Are you considering boarding your dog while you are away? Are you concerned about finding a boarding facility that will meet your dog's needs and make the separation easier to endure? To predict success, you need to think like a dog. Here are some questions to get you started.  Will I be lonely?  It will be hard for your precious pooch to be away from you, so make sure there will be plenty of companionship offered at the boarding facility you choose.

20 January 2017

Have A Cat With A Urinary Tract Issue? Here's What Your Pet Sitter Needs To Know


Just like humans, cats can have urinary tract infections. If you have a pet sitter coming, you want to know that you can trust them to handle all your feline emergency issues. Giving your pet sitter the best possible information about your cat's needs is the most helpful thing you can do, not only for your sitter but also for your cat. What types of lower urinary tract problems exist in cats?

21 November 2016

Keeping Your Dog At A Kennel For The First Time? 3 Things To Bring With You


Making sure your dog is comfortable with staying at a boarding kennel is likely one of your first thoughts when you're considering dropping them off at one for the first time. While there's no way to guarantee that they'll have a positive time at the kennel, there are a number of things you can do to better prepare them and lower the chance that something goes wrong. Before the day of your dog staying at the kennel arrives, consider some of the things that you can bring with them to make them feel more at home and reduce some of the stress involved with staying at a kennel for the first time.

2 September 2016