Going On A Trip? Use Dog Boarding To Get Your Dog Back To A Healthy Weight


Before you go on a trip, you must decide whether you will bring your dog or leave them behind. If you do not take your dog, two common options include hiring a dog sitter or bringing them to a boarding facility. Trying to get your dog to lose weight may add to this challenging decision. However, you can make use of dog boarding services to produce positive results.

Active Setting

While a dog sitter can come over several times per day, you can put your dog into an active setting with a boarding service. Putting your dog into a space with people and other dogs will encourage them to move around instead of relaxing or sleeping for most of the day.

Special Diet

Getting your dog to lose weight is something that requires consistent effort through multiple methods. While you can change their food and reduce how much they eat, you will also want to give them more exercise to burn off fat and calories. A boarding facility can accommodate your dog's special diet needs, which means you can continue their weight loss journey while away.

Facility employees will ensure your dog eats the right kind of food and at the right times throughout the day. A good idea is to pack each meal into a snack bag to guarantee that your dog gets the right amount of food during mealtime. Make sure to account for potential travel delays by leaving enough food for an extra day or two if you do not get back on time.


A well-maintained diet is an important part of getting your dog to a healthy weight, but you also want to combine this with routine exercise. During your normal schedule, you may take your dog out for multiple walks every day. You can get exercise for your dog at a boarding facility by prioritizing places with things such as a pool, obstacle course, and large play area.

These features and qualities will encourage your dog to exercise during their stay. Another option is to find a boarding facility that offers walking services to the dogs. Even if your dog does not like playing with other dogs, you can still get them the exercise they need.

Getting your dog to lose weight is tough because it demands patience and consistency. Fortunately, you can still get these things by boarding your dog while away on a trip. Reach out to a dog boarding facility like Top Dog Training to discuss your dog's needs. 


27 September 2021

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