Should You Leave Your Dog At A Pet Boarding Facility? 5 Reasons Why You Should


Just like with your offspring, the bond between you and your dog can become so strong that you wish they could tag along with you everywhere you go. But that's not always possible. In that case, you need to find a place to leave your pet when you are away from home. 

If you don't have friends or family to leave your dog with, the next best alternative is a pet boarding facility. At first, it may feel a little treacherous leaving your animal friend with a stranger, but it is not an entirely bad idea. Plus, both of you will get used to the idea with time. Here are some reasons why a pet boarding service is beneficial.

1. Your Dog Gets to Meet and Make New Friends

Naturally, dogs are social animals and tend to thrive in a place where there's company. Therefore, leaving your dog at home alone makes them lonely and dull. In a boarding facility for pets, your dog gets a chance to interact with others, which is good for their overall health. 

2. Your Dog is Hyperactive

If you have an active dog, they need a space to burn up the energy, like a toddler who has just had too much sugar. Keeping them confined in limited spaces could make them resort to undesirable behaviors such as digging out pits in the garden, chewing valuable items, or barking endlessly. When you admit them to a pet boarding service, your super-active dog gets an opportunity to play with other dogs in the facility as much as they want.

3. Your Living Space Lacks a Play Area

If your house does not have adequate space for playing, taking your dog to a pet boarding facility is an excellent idea. For instance, if you live in an apartment without a yard, a pet facility might provide the much-needed space for your pet to play, jump, and roll.

4. You Protect Your Valuables

Sometimes, your dog might want to burn out the extra energy by biting, chewing, or digging stuff. Don't get surprised to find a chewed couch or scratch marks on the carpet after returning from work. That is pretty normal for locked-up pets. So, enrolling them in a pet boarding facility during the day is a great way to avoid such behavior. 

5. You Plan on Moving

Moving can be more stressful when you have a pet running around and barking for your attention. If not careful, the dog could even get hurt in the process. Leaving them at a pet facility for some hours will allow you to move quickly and efficiently.

Leaving your dog at a pet boarding unit is unavoidable for the above reasons. When you choose a competent and reputable pet boarding service, your dog will get all the tender loving care you'd want.


23 April 2021

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