What Every Dog Owner Should Know About Kennel Cough


If you're thinking of taking your dog to a grooming or boarding facility, then you need to be aware of a common disease that is often passed from dog to dog at such facilities: kennel cough. There is a kennel cough vaccine that your dog should receive before visiting such facility, but like all vaccines, it is not 100% effective. It's important that, as a dog owner, you still educate yourself about kennel cough in case your dog does end up developing this illness.

18 May 2015

Look Who's Walking: 3 Tips That Can Help You Teach Your Dog To Heel


For many dog owners, the thought of talking their dog for a walk comes with anxiety and stress. This is because while they may plan on taking their overactive dog for a walk, the dog usually ends up walking them as they forge ahead investigating one distraction after the next. If you have found yourself in this situation, the three tips outlined below can help in your efforts to teach your dog how to heel so that the two of you can enjoy a peaceful walking experience:

14 May 2015

What You Need To Know About Vaccinating Your Dog


If you have a dog in your home it is important that you make sure that they have been properly vaccinated. If you don't, you are not only putting your dear pet at risk for disease, you are also putting those around you at risk if they are bitten or are infected by the dog. This is why it is essential that you stay up to date with your dog's vaccinations.

29 April 2015