Creature Comforts: What Your Dog Wants From A Boarding Experience


Are you considering boarding your dog while you are away? Are you concerned about finding a boarding facility that will meet your dog's needs and make the separation easier to endure? To predict success, you need to think like a dog. Here are some questions to get you started. 

Will I be lonely? 

It will be hard for your precious pooch to be away from you, so make sure there will be plenty of companionship offered at the boarding facility you choose. 

If your dog is social, look for a boarding situation that offers playgroup or play time with other dogs. If your dog is more of a loner, make sure that staff will be checking in, playing, and offering walks throughout the day. 

Some facilities will even offer extra cuddle time. 

Will I get exercise? 

Going out to play is a huge part of being a dog. It is essential that young dogs have a place to play and run off their energy, but even less active dogs benefit from a brisk walk outdoors or some time in the sunshine. 

Ask where the dogs play and how much time they spend there. Is there an indoor play area for bad weather? 

Can I bring my stuff? 

You might want to consider bringing a special toy your dog finds comforting, or even consider sending an unwashed piece of your clothing for your dog to cuddle up with at night. 

Make sure the boarding facility you choose allows you to bring toys. Also, find out if they offer group toys for the dogs to play with during the time they are there. 

Do I have a comfortable place to sleep? 

Find out where your dog will be sleeping. Are cots, rugs, or dog beds offered? Some dogs will choose to sleep on cool concrete, but there should be a warmer choice available. 

Can I go outside any time? 

Some places offer an indoor/outdoor kennel for each dog, while others run on a walking or play schedule. If your dog is used to going outside whenever the mood strikes, it can be hard to adjust to a potty schedule. 

Am I safe? 

What is the policy for veterinary care? Will the facility contact your veterinarian an emergency, or do they have a veterinarian they use regularly? 

Be sure they have a way of contacting you and someone local if your dog gets hurt. 

Boarding can be a great choice for dogs who have to spend time away from their families. Asking the questions you dog might ask will help you to choose just the right place. 


20 January 2017

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