Grooming Tips For Your Shiba Inu


Energetic, intelligent, and adorable, Shiba Inu dogs have taken the United States by storm over the past few decades. Owners love these dogs, who are known for their short, double-coats and curly tails. As a short-haired breed, Shiba Inus do not require regular haircuts. But they can benefit from regular grooming. Here are some grooming tips that will come in handy for your Shiba Inu dog.

Take them to the groomer early.

Shibas can be shy in public, and they don't always react well when you try to groom them. However, if a Shiba Inu is taken to the groomer when they are young, they will adapt to the experience, making it much easier to groom them later in life. So, even if you don't plan on taking your Shiba to the groomer that often throughout their life, it's helpful to take them a few times when they are a pup. Then, when they do need to visit the groomer as an adult, it will be a more familiar experience and one they're happier to endure.

Have them groomed during shedding season.

Shiba Inus are heavy shedders. In the spring, they often blow their coats, leaving seemingly endless tufts of hair all over the place. Even if you don't take your dog to the groomer all the time, taking them once or twice during the shedding season is a good idea. The groomer can use a vacuum tool and specialized brushes to remove more of the dog's hair. This will not only reduce the amount of hair around your home but will also make your Shiba less itchy and uncomfortable.

Trim their nails regularly.

Shiba Inus have very small, delicate paws. As such, if their toenails grow too long, they may struggle to walk on hard surfaces. So, you need to keep their nails well-trimmed. If you work with your pup when they are young, you should be able to trim their nails yourself with few issues. However, some people do prefer to take their Shiba to the groomer for regular nail trims. If your Shiba is difficult to hold for nail trims, this may be a better option.

Shiba Inus are lovely little dogs, but they do require some specialized grooming care. Take your Shiba to the groomer when they are young, take advantage of professional grooming during shedding season, and make sure you trim your dog's nails often. 

For more information, contact a local dog grooming company. 


4 August 2022

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